Chris Wardle's Reflections Magic Square

An interesting variation on Chris Wardle's Dual Magic Square is this Reflections Magic Square, which can be read and gives the same total when inverted as well as when turned over and also when inverted in this position.

The base magic square is shown on the left, and a mirror reflection of it is shown on the right:

Chris Wardle's Reflections Magic Square Chris Wardle's Reflections Magic Square

If you move your mouse over either square, it will be rotated through 180 degrees.

The interesting thing is that all four orientations of this magic square still add up to 176!

This square could therefore be printed onto a white silk handkerchief, etched onto glass, written onto acetate or clear acrylic, etc and it will read the same in all four directions.

Created by Chris Wardle. Marketing Rights Reserved.

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Created: Wednesday 16th November, 2011

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