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As you will see from the navigation buttons to the left, my site is fairly eclectic, and the contents generally break down into four main areas:

Help Save Dogs!

My main passion these days is helping to save dogs from the dreaded Canine Parvovirus. If you don't know what this virus is, and you own a dog, then you should definitely download our free ebook, Parvo Treatment 101, which will tell you all you need to know abou this devastating virus.

Never having liked taking chemical-based drugs, I don't see why we should foist them off on our pets either, which is why I'm happy that we can offer a range of safe, cost-effective, natural Parvo Treatment products (e.g. Parvaid) that work.

Why not find out more about the Parvo Buster team, and what we are all about? And if you'd like to help spread the word about having horrific Parvo is, and about the herbal products we sell, then please join us in our war on Parvo by signing up for our free ParvoBuster Affiliate program.

You might also like to find out more about a natural kennel cough treatment, a much better option than the risks that are inherent with the Bordetella vaccine, given that kennel cough is not usually that serious.

I hope that you enjoy what you find!

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